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In Another Land

Mandela, host of the Trail Less Traveled, is not only an adventure-goddess and inspiration to all of us…but she is also a dear friend of mine & one of the most humble and captivating human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is currently on a different Trail than most of us- one that is worlds away. I always appreciate her updates through kind texts- even when she is 3294.447 miles away!

I thought it would be fun to share some of her updates with you all…

November 24th~ “I swam in both the Atlantic Ocean & the Gulf of Mexico…in the same day! Now sitting at the end of a dock listening to a lone dolphin breathe as it hunts the dark waters.”

December 16th~ “I saw a crazy yellow and black striped caterpillar with a red tail. I have been hiking up and along the Panama Canal interviewing the most adventurous people from all of the world! Tomorrow I am headed to an isolated island with ride, beans, firewood, hammock, machete…and recording equipment”

Good on ya, mate! Looking forward to more updates to share with us mainlanders 🙂

Don’t forget to tune in to the Trail Less Traveled, Missoula’s locally produced outdoor show for information & inspiration. Sunday night at 6pm & Tuesday at 10pm

Learn more about Mandela here

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