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Shop downtown on us!

We dread the shopping season just like the next person.

But hey, years of struggling against the inevitable hasn’t made it any easier on us OR on our loved ones.

So this year, instead of ducking and dodging and avoiding and whining, we’re gonna lessen the pain by getting an early start on all our holiday shopping. And we’re inviting you to join us courtesy of a few free gift cards from the

Tune in the Trail 103.3 all month long and when you hear your cue, text Trail 1033 to 640-4103, and a $103.30 gift card can be yours!

A Downtown Missoula gift card gives you access to all the cool stuff downtown has to offer, from amazing restaurants and unique shops to dozens of nightlife venus, art galleries, professional services and more!

For a full list of participating merchants, click HERE.

Important: Entries from one day do not carry over to the next. Each day we’ll contact that day’s winner and then we’ll wipe the slate clean. So if you don’t win one day, you’ll have to try, try again the next!

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