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Snow Report

Our bodies like it but our psyches NEED it.

We’re talking about snow sports, my friend – specifically the downhill kind known as skiing and snowboarding.

If you’ve lived in Montana long enough, you know that hitting the slopes is not only the best way to spend the winter weekends – it’s also often the ONLY way to spend the winter weekends. Unless you’re one of those nuts that likes your skiing on the flats, of course.

This winter, the Trail 103.3 is partnering up with Karl Tyler’s Missoula Volkswagon to keep you abreast of conditions at all your favorite regional ski hills.

Every Thursday and Friday morning around 7:50 am, Mike Smith will jump on the Morning Show with all the info you need to plan your trip, and so you know what to expect. Powder or no? How much new snow at the top? What about the bottom?

While most of America tunes in to their weekend weather forecast, we stick to what really matters: The Snow Report.

Thanks again to Karl Tyler’s Missoula Volkswagon for sponsoring!

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