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Trail Less Traveled – 7/1

Sometimes it takes a little participation and a lot of patience to get the story right.

This week, Mandela goes under the needle for a traditional Ta Moka tattoo as part of her research into the history, evolution and legends of the primitive island art.

The word “tattoo” comes from the Tahitian “tatu”, which means “to mark something.” For the Maori people indigenous to New Zealand, the tribal marks came to represent a resume of sorts: A history of an individual’s achievements, his or her tribal status and a reminder of the responsibilities to life.

Tune in this Sunday as Mandela interviews Tama Raihania, who has been drawing and studying Maori artwork and Moko patterns since early childhood. Rihania now presents his traditional designs from within a more modern shop – Otautahi Tattoo in Queenstown, New Zealand.

It’s the Trail Less Traveled, Sundays at 6 pm on the Trail 103.3 and online at

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