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Vinally Friday – 1/26

This week on Vinally Friday:

• He made his name with the single “I Hear You Knocking” in the early 1970s – and also as producer for Foghat’s 1972 debut.

But it was his work not as a solo artist but as bandmate of Nick Lowe that Dave Edmunds made his greatest impact on the music biz.

This week, Craig kicks off Vinally Friday with a few spins from the group Rockpile’s first record, Tracks on Wax 4.

We know, we know: If you research Tracks you’ll see it’s officially listed as Edmunds’ fourth solo LP.

But that was really a bit of trickery on his and Lowe’s behalf.

Because the two signed deals with separate record labels just that year, they weren’t green-lighted for such a collaboration. Instead, they alternated solo works until they were formally blessed as a union for the 1980 release Seconds of Pleasure.

Edmunds, Rockpile – call it what you will. Tomorrow, Craig will call it a great way to kick off a Friday on the Trail turntable!


• Alanya will follow up with the fourth studio release by former Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinsin’s latest project, Chris Robinson Brotherhood.

Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel dropped in 2016 and brought the Brotherhood to the big stage at the Wilma for the first time.

Now with another one on the shelves – last summer’s Barefoot in the Head – the psychedelic-tinged blues rock outfit is headed back to Missoula for a second performance. For details on the Jan. 30 show, or to purchase tickets, visit the events page at

Though a Crowes reunion is unlikely anytime in the near future, Rolling Stone reported earlier this month that Robinson has scheduled a 17-show tour this spring with pseudo-tribute band, As the Crow Flies, which features many former bandmates and will perform sets consisted almost entirely of Crowes tunes.


• Robert took a break from his recent British glam rock kick to explore a bit of modern avant garde-ism last week.

But the break, apparently, was short-lived, as this week he heads back to one of the movement’s pioneers, Roxy Music, and their self-titled debut album.

Produced by King Crimson’s Peter Sinfield and released in 1972, Roxy Music set the standard for a decade of studio success by the English group – mostly in the experimental electronic realm, which was (and remains) the most significant contribution from group co-founder Brian Eno.

With synthesizers, tape effects and attempts to “sound like the moon,” Roxy Music – the band, and the album – would be a major source of influence for the English punk and new wave sounds to follow.

For those who want to dig deeper, you might check out the comprehensive 45th anniversary box set scheduled for release next month.


• Tommy will close out the day with the debut studio release from one of the most commercially successful groups to spawn from the alternative movement of the early 1990s: Smashing PumpkinsGish.

After gaining some traction on the local scene in Chicago with extensive live performances and two singles to their name, the Pumpkins headed north to the Madison, Wisc., studio of Butch Vig to record Gish for the Caroline Records label in 1991.

Though it spent only a week on the Billboard 200 – peaking at 195 – the album would eventually be re-released on the Virgin Records label and was ultimately certified platinum thanks to the massive commercial success of the band’s sophomore release, Siamese Dream, just two years later.

The Pumpkins, too, were in the news as recently as last week. On Jan. 17, lead singer and songwriter Billy Corgan posted a photo on Instagram of himself in the studio with original guitarist James Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlain.

Finally, it’s Friday! It’s Vinally Friday, all day on the Trail 103.3!

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