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Vinally Friday – 7/1

This week on Vinally Friday we’ll open July with a special edition of Vinally Friday.

Alanya will spin some tracks off Frank Sinatra’s 1956 EP That Old Feeling and Tommy will entertain some cuts from the Black Keys’ third studio album, Rubber Factory.

But the real special-ness of this Friday’s version of Vinally Friday is coming from Robert, who will showcase the 2014 mono reissue of the Beatles’ Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

This limited issue vinyl creates as closely as possible the original aural construction of the legendary 1967 release, bringing to life new sounds even the most dedicated listener may have missed before now.

From the insert card:  “This album was cut for vinyl from the original master tapes by using a completely analogue signal path and with constant reference to the notes made by the cutting engineer for the first pressing of the LP. It has been made with current technology and without imposing the restrictions necessitated by the limitations of record plays in the 1960s. Consequently this version reveals more of the content of the audio on the master tapes.”

And if you still need convincing, check out this awesome review from the Chicago Tribune:…/chi-beatles-mono-vinyl-box-review-…

What a fabulous way to kick off the July 4th weekend!

Finally, it’s Friday! It’s Vinally Friday, on the Trail!

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