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The Trail Lunchbox

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Every weekday at noon, we dish up a great block of themed music.

Called the Trail Lunch Box, this is your chance to get grounded in the biggest musical – and sometimes non-musical – events of the day.

Is it Jimi Hendrix’s birthday? National Margarita Day?


Whatever the day may be, the Trail 103.3 will find a reason to celebrate and a block of music to go along.

The Trail Lunchbox airs from 12:00-noon weekdays on the Trail 103.3!

The Trail is excited to announce its partnership with The Olde Dairy/The Trough for this daily afternoon event.

Located at 2106 Clements Road, The Olde Dairy/The Trough is truly a Missoula mainstay – not only do they serve up the best sammie’s in town, but they’ve got amazing soups, salads and a breakfast sandwich you’ve got to taste to believe, plus pastries and ice cream for those with a sweet tooth. And on weekends, they have a GREAT brunch, with $2 mimosas!

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