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August book of the month

The Trail, in partnership with the Book Exchange, is excited to unveil the next installment of our Book Club series!

From celebrated Helena author Richard Manning comes a delightful memoir of faith and willful ignorance, truths and secrets, rural and urban labor, and fire.

“It Runs in the Family” tells of Manning’s journey from the family farm in Michigan to the fire-ravaged wilderness of Montana, and finally to a remote village in Panama to pursue the past he once vowed to leave behind.

Enjoy a new copy of “It Runs in the Family” for half-price all this month at the Book Exchange, and don’t forget to log on to their Facebook page for more information and a discussion with other club members!

The Book Exchange, voted Missoula’s best used or new bookstore for 21 straight years. In the Tremper’s Shopping Center across from the fairgrounds.

Have a suggestion for the Trail Book Club? Fill out the form HERE!

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