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Book of the Month – May 2018

The Trail, in partnership with the Book Exchange, is excited to unveil the next installment of our Book Club series!

This month we’ll feature a heartwarming story of the love between man and dog.

“Colter: The True Story of the Best Dog I Ever Had” tells of the hidden treasures Montana author Rick Bass uncovered after taking in a German shorthair pup nobody else would have.

The book is extraordinary in its simplicity – and by that, we mean both the simplicity of the relationship between the two as well as the simple way in which Bass glorifies the beauty of living, walking, hunting and breathing in the wild.

“Bass is a wonderful writer, adept at drawing out the glory and momentousness of an autumn afternoon with a dog in the Montana hills,” writes Richard Conniff in his review for the New York Times. “He takes us into strange country where the bonds between humans and animals are still sometimes drawn taut.”

Pick up your paperback copy of “Colter: The True Story of the Best Dog I Ever Had” at 5o percent off all this month at the Book Exchange. And an added bonus: You can also enjoy half off Bass’ collection of short stories, “For a Little While” this month too!

And don’t forget to log on to The Book Exchange’s Facebook page for more information and a discussion with other club members!

The Book Exchange, voted Missoula’s best used or new bookstore for 22 straight years. In the Tremper’s Shopping Center across from the fairgrounds.

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