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Celebrate Bernice’s with the Trail!

Where most cities have museums, Missoula has coffee shops and bakeries.

Seriously, whether you’re visiting town, new to town or have been here all your life, you know that the best way to enjoy the best Missoula has to offer is make your way not to a civic landmark but to one of our beloved local businesses.

And somewhere near the top of that list is Bernice’s Bakery.

Located perfectly near the Hip Strip, right alongside the Clark Fork River and it’s wonderful trail system, Bernice’s is a great way to enjoy a morning, afternoon or evening out without getting crushed by the hubbub of downtown business traffic.

We haven’t even gotten into it’s glorious selection of delicious pastries, pies, cakes and healthy lunch options. Or it’s warm and inviting atmosphere. Or it’s support of sustainable practices and community relationships. Or it’s … well, you get the point.

Open since 1978, Bernice’s is celebrating it’s “Ruby Anniversary” this October. And to celebrate, they’re giving away a YEAR’s worth of free lunches. Yes, you read that correct: Someone is going to have the option to enjoy Bernice’s fabulous lunch menu FREE FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!

To win that, you gotta head over to their shop at 109 South Third Street.

But here at the Trail 103.3 we’re going to do our part to celebrate 40 years of Bernice’s. Starting this week, tune in every Tuesday leading up to the anniversary for your chance to win a FREE “Ruby Tuesday” croissant PLUS an espresso from each of our Trail Guides. 

And then be on the lookout for more details about Bernice’s big anniversary party on Oct. 27!

-Zeke Campfield

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