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Give thanks by sharing your holiday hike!

Screw the spring.

Our favorite time to hike has always been – and always will be – Thanksgiving weekend.

Not only is the weather great – not too warm, not too cold – but what better excuse to actually get out of that family-mobbed house for a few hours and work off some of those pumpkin pie calories?

This year we’ll be planning our hike with ease thanks to the Montana Wilderness Association and their amazing new website,

We’ve been highlighting this comprehensive Montana trail guide since last summer on our weekly “Trail Well Traveled” series, but this being our favorite hiking weekend we thought we’d give it an extra shout-out.

If you haven’t explored the site, you need to do so now. Not only can you explore an interactive map of hiking trails, but each trail in

Thanksgiving Holiday Turkey with Top Hat, using computer on cloud

cludes photos, a detailed summary of how to get there and what you can expect when you arrive.

The best part? It’s all built on the contributions of users like you and me! 


So this weekend, when you’re escaping cabin fever with some playtime outside, do the rest of us a favor and put it on the website!

In fact, we’ll make it easy for you: Print out a copy of this field worksheet, fill it out and then send it plus a few photos and notes to

They’ll appreciate it, and we’ll appreciate it too!

Happy Thanksgiving, and happy adventuring – from your friends at The Trail 103.3 and the Montana Wilderness Association.

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