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Hello week of fun!

First, let’s be clear: We love our dad.

It’s just that, you know, whenever he went away on business things got a little more … fun … around the house.

Later bedtimes, increased video game and movie rentals, and – perhaps at the top of the list – no more of that veggie-laced home cooking!

In retrospect, the reason we enjoyed one parent or another taking off for a few days or so every so often wasn’t so much what we got to do, it was what we didn’t have to do: stay within the routine.

Routine is important to living an effective, fulfilling life (we can almost hear him speaking this as we type) – but there’s just something pleasant about breaking free, going against the grain: “We’re staying up all night, man!!!”

This week, our in-house dad, Craig, has left the building. And so, with Alanya at the reins of the Morning Show, we’re breaking free from tradition and doing things a little different.Each morning she’s going to offer up a different fab giveaway.

Here’s the schedule:

-Monday: A dozen bagels from Bagels on Broadway

-Wednesday: Passes to the Bob Marshall Music Festival in Seeley Lake

-Thursday: Tickets to Friday’s Missoula Osprey opening night game

-Friday: Passes to Targhee Fest at Grand Targhee Resort in Alta, Wyoming

Again, we love our dad. And we love Craig, too! But a little break from routine never hurts.

Happy Father’s day to Craig and all the dads out there – and tune in to Alanya on the Morning Show, all week long on the Trail 103.3!

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