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Movie Night with the Trail!

The Trail 103.3 is excited to continue its partnership with Missoula’s hippest movie theater with another round of “Trail Movie Night”.

Join us at the Roxy Theater once a month for a movie specially curated for our listeners based on the things we love: music, culture and, well, music!

There’s a lot of great music movies out there, and we’re not just talking about your grandma’s favorite musical. From documentaries about our favorite bands to movies known mostly for their killer soundtrack to even experimental works that cast sounds and into a visual storytelling realm … we can’t wait to branch out onto the big screen!

For our December selection, we’ll poke fun at the the entire rock documentary genre with a special screening of “This Is Spinal Tap”!

Filmed and directed by Rob Reiner, the1984 “mockumentary” stars Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer touring the U.S. as members of the fictional metal band Spinal Tap while Reiner – playing filmmaker Marty Di Bergi – tags along with his crew.

“This Is Spinal Tap” is not only a great film, it’s got a special connection to Missoula and the Trail 103.3: Ill-fated drummer Mick Shrimpton, who died of spontaneous combustion, was played by former station co-host Ric Parnell. Parnell also played Mick’s twin brother, Ric Shrimpton, for the live incarnation of the Spinal Tap working band during many of movie’s pre- and post-release promotional tours.

Learn some excellent movie trivia and then join us 7 pm Thursday, Dec. 27, for an exclusive screening of “This Is Spinal Tap.” For more information, or to purchase tickets to the screening, visit the Roxy Theater’s event page.

Have a suggestion for Trail Movie Night? Fill out the form HERE!

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