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New Tracks – 8/9

If you’re anything like us, there was a certain point many, many years ago in which you decided that learning time was over.

Yep, unless it was basic stuff (read: NOT computers, math or the automobile) there comes a point when you just recognize you’re going to have to pay someone else to figure it out. In fact, you might say we work a job solely so we don’t have to learn about things that require a class and/or instruction booklet.

The cool thing about music? It doesn’t take too much effort to stay on top of the latest trends and themes, especially when you’ve got a station like Trail 103.3 in town. That’s because they (or in this scenario, we) hand-feed our listeners new music so regularly, so fluidly, that it actually takes a concerted effort NOT to learn something new. And that, my friends, is the kind of post-graduate learning we like to do.

Without further ado, here’s what we’re spinning this Tuesday for our weekly New Tracks on the Trail feature:

-Amanda Shires: New work from the singer/songwriter/violinist’s fifth solo album, My Piece of Land. Due Sept. 9, Shires put the new album together during a few months of pregnancy-induced hiatus from touring. You can catch Shires LIVE this Saturday when she opens for Ryan Adams & The Shining at the Wilma.

-O.A.R.: Material from their newest album, XX, released Aug. 5. The Maryland band is currently celebrating 20 years together with a two-month tour of North America.

-The Wild Feathers: Work from the Nashville rock outfit’s sophomore studio effort, Lonely Is A Lifetime, released in March. Enjoy an album review and catch the video for single “Help Me Out” HERE.

-Teenage Fanclub: New work from the Scottish alt band’s 10th studio album, Here, due Sept. 9. Early

reviews promise yet another shift in flavor for the perennial band. The new stuff, according to Chris Ingalls of PopMatters, is a “love letter to sophisticated ’70s pop” that “sounds like Gerry Rafferty crashing a Bread recording session.” Read more critic responses HERE.

-The Helmsmen: New stuff from the five-piece Jupiter, Florida, group’s second EP, Midterm, released in June.

There ya have it! Another Tuesday, another round of new music of which even the stubb orn can grow fond. Thanks always to Rockin’ Rudy’s for sponsori ng New Tracks on the Trail!

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