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New ways to travel with Mandela!

The Trail 103.3 is excited to announce an expansion of listening platforms for our weekly adventure series, The Trail Less Traveled.

Starting this month, you can now stream the TLT podcast on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, GoodlePlay, Spotify and SoundCloud!

The Trail Less Traveled is unique to the Trail 103.3. Each week, our in-house trail guide, Mandela, presents a one-hour show featuring an interview with an adventurer in their natural habit – a traditional radio “storytelling” show featuring the people, places and sites -she encounters during her own world travels. The show has recorded on location in half a dozen countries, including India, Panama, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, and all across the United States.

Next up? Mandela isn’t revealing much, but she’s hinted Africa and the Himalayas are both on her radar.

Tune in to the Trail 103.3 every Sunday at 6 pm to see what Mandela’s been up to. If you’re local, that’s 103.3 on the FM dial; if you’re out of town, just stream it for free on our website,

For more about the show and Mandela’s local community outreach projects, visit – and don’t forget to follow the show on Facebook!

Here is a list of links to some the new TLT streaming options:

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