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October Book of the Month

The Trail, in partnership with the Book Exchange, is excited to unveil the next installment of our Book Club series!

This month we celebrate the success of this fall’s big screen remake of Stephen King’s, “It”, by revisiting the novel that gripped us all three decades ago.

Both the movie and book versions of “It” follows the stories of seven children who are terrorized by a being that exploits their fears, but there are some stark differences between the two presentations.

For one, the movie focuses solely on the experiences of the children while the book alternates back and forth between those childhood experiences and how they continue to play out in adulthood.

With themes of trauma, small-town facades and the trials and tribulations of overcoming evil, “It” is classic King literature and a must-read for anyone who’d can stand a little fright in their life!

Enjoy a new copy of “A Man Called Ove” on discount all this month at the Book Exchange, and don’t forget to log on to their Facebook page for more information and a discussion with other club members!

The Book Exchange, voted Missoula’s best used or new bookstore for 22 straight years. In the Tremper’s Shopping Center across from the fairgrounds.

Have a suggestion for the Trail Book Club? Fill out the form HERE!

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