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Tommy chats up Shakey Graves before Saturday show

He calls himself a gentleman from Texas, but until today we couldn’t really verify that first part.

We’re talking about Shakey Graves, who will bring his live act to Missoula for the second time in three years this Saturday.

The artist (yes, he’s from Texas) spent some time chatting with Tommy about a wide range of subjects – childhood nicknames, his favorite quote from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and even how it was an 8th grade smooch that persuaded him to learn how to lift weights and play guitar.

Just agreeing to take some time out of his tour schedule to chat with us makes him more than gentlemanly, but we’re thoroughly impressed by Shakey’s good nature and humor. Throw on that some pretty sweet chops and guitar licks, and Saturday’s sure to be an epic show under the stars.

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