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Trail 1:03 Three

We wake up to it, we fall asleep to it and it sometimes seems like it follows us all day long.

We’re talking about the news. You know, that stuff that makes you go, UGGGGH, REALLY?

Now don’t get us wrong – the news is important. Facts. Stories. Several of us at the Trail 103.3 have degrees in journalism – and some of us even spent some time actually writing and reporting the news.

But for Alanya, extreme empathy took precedence over the hard-hitting stuff and so her journalism schooling brought her into an entirely different direction altogether.

Hence, her take on the mid-day news break.

It’s called the “Trail 1:03 Three” and it’s all about those stories that don’t make the 5 o’clock headlines: Music, community, events – in other words, instead of dwelling on the stuff we cannot change, she’s decided to spend a moment highlighting the good stuff. The stuff we care about.

So join us every weekday afternoon at, well, 1:03 pm for our Mid-Day Update: The Trail 1:03 Three – three stories curated for YOU, our music-loving, community-driven, adventure-seeking listeners.

We’ll leave the fake news, the mug shots and the political banter to the other guys. 🙂

And, of course, we couldn’t do it without the support of our sponsors – so big thanks to Urban Farmer and The Women’s Club for helping bring the Trail 1:03 Three to life!

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