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Trail Book Club

Check out our January book of the month!

We are excited to partner with the Missoula Public Library & the Lake Missoula Tea Company to bring you the Trail Book Club!

Each month, the Missoula Public Library chooses a book for our listeners to engage in, and asks you to join in on the online discusccion- hosted by GoodReads. You can join the discussion here!

As always, the Missoula Public Library has copies of the month’s book on hand for our Trail listeners to check out.

January Book selection:

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. When Stargirl Caraway comes to Mica High, Leo’s life is turned around. Leo falls in love with Stargirl’s unconventional behavior, as does everyone else – at first. Of course this all changes and Leo is forced to decide whether his friendship with Stargirl is more important than his need to fit into the group.

This is a young adult novel, so it will be a bit of a change of pace to start out 2015.

Looking for a nice, quiet place to read this month’s book? Check out the Lake Missoula Tea Company in downtown Missoula at 136 E. Broadway

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