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Trail Less Traveled – 8/26

Last week we got personal with one of the world’s most celebrated adventurers, whitewater enthusiast and author Doug Ammons.

This week, Part 2 of Mandela’s interview with the Missoula resident, including his time running Class V-plus rapids in the “Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone” while getting chased by helicopters and how his knack for classical guitar led to a career running the rivers.

“I was looking for a different kind of music to play and I found it in the current and flowing water,” Doug said.

Twenty-five years later, Ammons has become renowned as a world-class kayaker, with a number of first descents under his belt across the western states of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. His adventures have led him on solo treks in Mexico, the Himalayas, South America and Canada – an experience he says inspires “a truly rewarding sense of intimacy.”

And despite being named one of the top 10 adventures of the century, the athlete maintains a concrete sense of humility – declining major sponsorships as well as turning down at least once a show on a major cable television network. His accomplishments, he has said, are exciting and take him to beautiful places.

“But they are no greater than what others have done. They don’t cure cancer. They don’t feed hungry people. They don’t provide clean water.”

Don’t miss the finale of Mandela’s series on Doug Ammons, this weekend on the Trail Less Traveled – that’s 6 pm Sunday on the Trail 103.3 and online at

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