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Trail Well Traveled

It may be a silly problem, but if you’re anything like us you know it’s a real problem indeed.

We’re talking about the crippling information overload that often keeps us from living out all the epic hiking trips we internally commit to each and every summer.

Sawtooth Lake // Courtesy of Montana Wilderness Association

Should I prep for a short day hike, or should I pack up all my camping gear and stay overnight? Stick close to home and visit a familiar haunt, or hit the highway and venture into a wild unknown? Is that trail even passable?

Thankfully, Montana Wilderness Association has developed a user-friendly platform that can help answer all these questions and more. With a map of the state’s best hiking trails, searchable by feature, season – even surface – their online hiking guide pretty  does everything but lace up your shoes. All you do is set your parameters and the guide will show you a hike that works for you, and then it’ll break down everything you need to know: Directions, distance and elevation, terrain and what else you can expect.

It’s this guide, too, that serves as starting point for our weekly hiking series, “Trail Well Traveled.”

Starting in the summer of 2016, the Trail 103.3 partnered up with Montana Wilderness Association to highlight a new trail each Friday with hopes that it would help you in planning your weekend adventure. Today we’re excited to announce the association has taken this feature and expanded it to our broadcasting partners statewide!

We’re still calling it “Trail Well Traveled,” but they’ve adopted the name “Trail of the Week.” The idea is essentially the same, except now they’re the ones that pick out which trail we’ll feature. That’s a model that serves us all – after all, they’re the experts!

So we’d like to offer a big thanks to Montana Wilderness Association for continuing to making hiking Montana fun and easy for all ages, backgrounds and abilities. And an additional shout-out to you, dear listeners, for continuing to inspire us to move beyond just music into hiking, floating, biking and all those other things that make our community what it is.

Tune in to the Trail Well Traveled every Friday around 9:50 am during the Morning Show, be sure to check out for more information, and, as always, remember to keep it safe out there, Trailheads!

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