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Trail Lunchbox: Olivia Marble, Winner of First Night Spotlight singing competition

Singing compeition winner Olivia Marble poses on stage preparing to accept her award
First Night Spotlight 2024 winner Oliva Marble

First Night Spotlight, presented by Arts Missoula as part of Missoula On Main is a longstanding tradition and special event. Each year, area teen talent comes together to perform on a big stage heading into NYE. This year's winner, Olivia Marble joined Mike Smith live on the Trail Lunchbox at 12-noon today [2/29/24] for a live performance and conversation about the experience. Listen Below

Follow Olivia on Instagram @livmarblemusic

Big ups to MCAT for broadcasting and live streaming the show - Watch it in full on MCAT's YouTube Channel


The Trail lunchbox - Weekdays at 12-noon on the Trail 1033 is proudly sponsored by The Olde Dairy & The Trough

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