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Weekend Shows

Just because most of Missoula shuts down for the weekend doesn’t mean we follow suit. In fact, there’s perhaps no better time to deliver Missoula’s quality rock than when our listeners are on the highways, cooking out in the backyard or even, heaven forbid, cleaning up around the house!

If you don’t already, make sure you take some time to tune in Saturdays and Sundays to our unique lineup of local and syndicated shows.


8am: All Over The Map

With legendary radio personality Craig Johnson, All Over the Map consists of thematic sets–anything from holidays, to birthdays, to whatever happens to be on Craig’s mind–with weekly features like: Down The Rabbit Hole, exploring the interconnection of the music, culture and times, Pull Up the Covers, an original and a cover version of some very cool songs, Side One, Cut One, the opening track on some of the greatest albums of all times, and more!

More information HERE

Brought to you by J & K Customs and Flanagan’s Motors


9am: eTown

Recorded before a live audience in Boulder, Colorado, eTown brings together a unique mix of established and up-and-coming artists every week PLUS interviews, performances and the “e-chievement” award – all presented by personable hosts Helen and Nick Forester.

According to its website, eTown’s mission is to “educate, entertain and inspire a diverse audience through music and conversation in order to create a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable world.”

eTown is sponsored weekly by  Bathing Beauties Beads and Scotty’s Table.

10am: Mike Smith’s Acoustic Brunch

Nothing says Sunday morning like the laid-back styling of the Acoustic Brunch. For two hours, your humble host Mike Smith, delivers the best in roots rock, bluegrass and Americana – taking care to balance local talent with artists and groups making a splash on the national and world stage. He’ll tie it in to current events when he can, and every now and then a lucky listener wins some snazzy concert tickets!

More information HERE

The Acoustic Brunch is sponsored each week by the Loose Caboose and Frame of Mind.

6pm: The Trail Less Traveled

We’re proud of our locally-produced outdoor adventure show. Not only is there nothing like it in Missoula, there’s also nothing like its host – Mandela.

With her microphone and grace, Mandela treks around the world on the types of adventures most of us only dream about, and then brings back the stories and sounds for all of us to enjoy. From kayaking on a continent across the globe to making the most of a day-hike in our back yard, Mandela brings real-life adventures great and small to your radio. If you miss the Sunday night premier, an encore presentation runs each Tuesday at 10 pm.

Visit the Trail Less Traveled page for more details, including coming episodes and archived  podcasts of episodes past.

7pm: The Grateful Dead Hour

Grateful Dead biographer and radio host David Gans opens his personal archives every week in this syndicated show that features rare Dead recordings, band history and memories plus new music from the band’s extended “family.”

More information HERE

The Grateful Dead Hour is sponsored each week by Zen Medicine

8pm: Floydian Slip

Hosted by Craig Bailey, “Floydian Slip” is more than a mix-tape of your favorite Pink Floyd tracks. It’s truly a sonic journey – from the band’s deep album cuts to the individual band members’ modern solo work, as well as interviews, background stories and thoughtful commentary from perhaps the band’s most passionate and enthused expert.

More information HERE

Floydian slip is sponsored each week by Great Burn Brewing

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