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Vinally Friday – 2/2

This week on Vinally Friday:

• In case you missed the news Sir Elton John feels compelled to step away from the road to spend more time with his young children.

So, yes, act fast – tickets for his three-year, 300-date farewell tour go on sale today, and it may be the last you can see of the 71-year-old music legend.

Of course, he did retire from the road once before, in 1977 – and we see how that went. Plus, aren’t false retirement announcements increasingly fashionable right now?

Either way, Robert’s going to pretend its the beginning of an end to a great legacy of rock ‘n’ roll with a few spins off John’s 1973 hit, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

Co-written with longtime song-writing partner Bernie Taupin over a two and a half week period, the album has since sold over 30 million copies worldwide and remains the most celebrated of his 30 solo releases. It features four singles: the title track, “Bennie and the Jets,” “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” and the Marilyn Monroe tribute, “Candle in the Wind.”

For more about his upcoming tour, check out this link.


• The story behind the Beatles’ first U.S. album release is rather complicated, but it goes something like this: The band’s first single doesn’t do well with U.S. audiences, so Capital passes on it and a smaller subsidiary picks it up. Then American audiences hear the song, Capital starts to believe the hype, and a whole bunch of important lawyers get involved.

Really, unless you’re a die-hard music industry junkie, it’s not nearly as exciting as the end result: A great stateside debut from a great band that would go on to become the biggest rock/pop group to ever record an album.

It’s called Introducing … The Beatles, and Craig will bless the Trail turntable with its presence Friday morning to mark the 55th anniversary of the Beatles’ first British tour.

Oh yeah, about that – they were fourth on an 11-act bill. The headliner? 16-year-old Helen Shapiro.

Here’s more on the album’s convoluted release, in case you’re one of the aforementioned music industry junkies.


• Perhaps the Beatles took some warmin-up-to, but the British four-piece Tommy highlights this week really smashed opened the gates with their debut more than four decades later.

They’re called the Arctic Monkeys, and the album is Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not.

When it hit the shelves in 2006 it became the fastest-selling debut in all of British music history; and it still holds that record for British bands. Now quintuple-platinum, Whatever People Say I Am … was ranked 30th on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Best Debut Albums of All Time.

Arctic Monkeys just announced their first live dates since 2014 in anticipation of their sixth studio release coming out later this year.

Finally, it’s Friday! It’s Vinally Friday, all day on the Trail 103.3!

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