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We dish it up hot AND cold

Man relaxing on lawn with old-fashioned radio

When it comes to media, there’s a classification system coined several decades back which still holds true today: There’s the “hot” medium, and there’s the “cool” medium. Consumers of “hot”media just sit back and count on the distributor to hand-feed them whatever is significant enough to know. “Cool” media, however, requires much more conscious participation on behalf of the consumer.

Look at it like this: The TV viewer, who sits back and awaits whatever the message might be, versus the magazine reader, who seeks and digests the information at his own accord.

We believe the same works for music. Some prefer to sit back and enjoy the musings of bands that have been screen and pre-approved by the masses before them. Others go out

of their way to seek sound that reverberates to their soul – bypassing traditional channels to find, for lack of a better term, the good stuff.

What’s the point? One of the reasons we believe The Trail 103.3 is Missoula’s top radio station is because we specifically look to find a nice balance between “hot” and “cool.” On one hand, we want to deliver the tried and true favorites to those who just want to sit back and enjoy familiar music from the bands they know and love.

At the same time, we believe it is our obligation to introduce to you, dear listeners, “the good stuff” – sounds you’ve never heard before, bands on the rise, lost tracks, B Sides and the art of live shows currently making the rounds. Some of it will make its way to the top with or without our help; but often, it gets lost among the very strong tide of the mainstream.

So please, friends, do feel free to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. At the Trail, we do the footwork; all you have to do is just keep tuning in.

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