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Win $103.30 every weekday!

The season of hibernation has officially concluded.

And we can’t tell you how excited we are to see a little more sunshine and show a little more skin.

Whether it’s an afternoon by the river, a drink with friends on the patio or just a day trip to some of our favorite local hiking haunts – spring is absolutely the best thing to happen since winter!

This year, to celebrate spring’s much anticipated arrival, the Trail 103.3 is giving away free gift cards from the Missoula Downtown Association every weekday in April!

Whether you’re looking to get some new warm-weather gear, a chance to revisit those downtown eateries you’ve been missing or just an excuse to get out and enjoy a few hours strolling downtown, $103.30 will certainly do a lot to improve your mood.

Tune in the Trail 103.3 all month long and when you hear the cue, text Trail 1033 to 640-4103, and a gift card could be yours!

How you spend it is up to you, but with an EXTENSIVE list of participating merchants – restaurants, shops, clothing stores, professional service providers, nightlife

venues, art galleries and more – you’re sure to find something that fits your spring needs!

Thanks for listening, happy spring, and remember: Shop local, and always stay on the Trail!

Important: Entries from one day do not carry over to the next. Each day we’ll contact that day’s winner and then we’ll wipe the slate clean. So if you don’t win one day, you’ll have to try, try again the next!

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