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Win a Targhee ski & stay package!

We’re not one to rush winter.

That said, we do have a secret compartment deep, deep down that’s already tasting eggnog and spinning donuts in the company parking lot.

So, at the risk of sounding a bit too excited for the cold weather ahead, we are super pumped to announce one of our best giveaways of the year –

Our friends from Warren Miller Entertainment gave us this sweet ski and stay package in the promotional lead-up to the Missoula stop of their annual snow sports film tour.

What is that? We’re glad you asked!

Up until his death in January, director and producer Warren Miller carved a niche in ski – and later snowboard – film, with more than 750 of them to his name. In 1949 he founded Warren Miller Entertainment and began producing one feature-length ski film per year, screening the film as he toured the country shooting footage for his other projects.

This year’s film – the 69th in the series – is titled “Warren Miller’s Face of Winter”, and it features world class athletes, new and veteran alike, carving out the faces of remote ranges in some of Miller’s most favorite locations around the world.

But what about the giveaway, you ask. Well, no need to wait on that one – just follow this link, enter your information, and we’ll draw a winner at random LIVE on the air Oct. 12!

For more information about the film, or to purchase tickets, click HERE.

Best of luck, and happy almost winter from your friends at the Trail.

-Zeke Campfield

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