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Win a whitewater adventure for two!

Sad but true: It’s easy to take some of the world’s greatest recreational experiences for granted when they’re situation right in your back yard.

It’s almost like we need visitors in order to experience western Montana in all it’s glory – kind of like how we imagine those folks who live in New York or Chicago forget about all the amazing museums, etc., in their hometown.

Sometimes it’s the cost; sometimes it’s logistics. Either way, we must confess we haven’t quite sought out some of our region’s namesake splendors of late.

Chief among these is whitewater rafting.

Though some of our most epic outdoor adventures have involved tearing through the rapids of the Alberton Gorge or smashing past the rocks in the Lochsa, it’s been quite some time since we made room for a rafting trip. Actually, an embarrassing amount of time.

This summer, however, may be the one. We’re excited to be partnering up with one of the area’s premiere whitewater outfitters, Adventure Missoula, for a sweet giveaway that may ultimately mean we get another chance to hit the Gorge.

This season marks Adventure Missoula’s 42nd year of guiding tours and activities around western Montana – and not only whitewater trips, but fishing, horseback riding and other fun stuff, too. They take care to provide both top-notch entertainment – complete with catering for those who opt for full-day excursions – but top-notch safety, too.

And this year they’re upping the ante: Not only can you now enjoy free shuttle service from Highlander Brewery to the Clark Fork (a deal that also includes $2 pints for participants), but they’re also offering 10 percent off all whitewater bookings through the summer. Just enter the promo code “raftmissoula” to take advantage of that exclusive deal.

Or how about enjoy 100 percent off your rafting trip?

Yes, it’s possible – we’re giving away FOUR sets of free whitewater excursions for two this summer. Valued at $122 apiece, these are half-day trips down the Alberton Gorge – a 12-mile journey that includes 15 sets of rapids plus unlimited breathtaking scenery. Estimated time per trip is three hours.

So how can you get yourself on a pair of these tickets? Simple – just head over to this online submission form, enter all your information, and we’ll draw four winners at random – that’s two in July and two in August.

And though we’ve a knack for enjoying this types of things vicariously through visitors – and winners – this time, we swear, we’ll be hitting the rapids this summer too. Who knows, maybe we’ll be going along with you?

Best of luck, and thanks for keeping it on the Trail!

-Zeke Campfield

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