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A Case for Thievery Corporation

Hey Trailheads, you want a piece of advice? Don’t rob yourself of one of this fall’s hottest shows. Make sure you’ve got tickets to see Thievery Corporation at the Wilma on Oct. 6.

Don’t know who that is? Then take a minute to learn. And then tune in to Saturday Night Soul Shakedown tonight and again Oct. 1st for your chance to win tickets.

Can’t get to a radio? Then stream us live at

If that doesn’t work, tune in the week of the show for several ticket giveaways.

And if that doesn’t work?

Trust us – it will be the best early Christmas present you could give yourself.

Here, we’ll let Alanya break it down:

“Thievery Corporation demonstrates my favorite part of music: The part where you can transport your mind, body, and soul into something much bigger. It’s a feeling where you become a part of the music – a feeling of being infinite.

The dreamy, soulful vibes of Thievery Corporation is beautifully demonstrated on stage with rotating vocalists and musicians. Their blend of world music, jazz, hip hop and electronic is nonabrasive and welcoming.  Celebrating 20 years together, Thievery Corporation has remained one of my favorite bands- whether I am seeing them live or listening to them on my drive home.

Missoula, treat yourself. Go see Thievery Corporation.

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