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Can We Just Get a Grip On This Food Thing?

I do the cooking at the house. My wife, a high school teacher, works a lot harder than I do at a job that is way more stressful. And – I’ve got the time.

Huckleberry buttermilk coffee cake

This is a huckleberry buttermilk coffee cake I made this weekend

I try to cook healthy meals. We’re both in our 60s and regularly climb Mt. Sentinel. She climbs it daily. I just retired from hang gliding earlier this year. I can still log 800 miles in a day on a motorcycle and call it fun.

I understand that there are those who have special dietary needs. Those who get sick if they consume foods or beverages with gluten or lactose. But for the rest of us, can we just get a grip on this food thing?

A few years ago I had allowed myself to put on a few extra pounds over the holidays. After dropping the weight a friend I hadn’t seen for a while said I looked great and how did I lose the weight. I said “I quit eating like a pig and got off my ass and started exercising.”

He was crestfallen.

We tend to want the latest fad – the easy way out. But it doesn’t have to be all that hard.

Here’s an article from the New York Times that, I think, kind of puts it all in perspective.

One way for resolve numerous health problems is a on line. Minor change in basic lifestyle, another is drugs.

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