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Chilled Tea for those warm days!

Over the last several months, myself and my co-worker Heidi have visited the Lake Missoula Tea Company each month to enjoy a tea tasting. We’ve met with the owner’s Heather & Jake, as well as a few of their ‘tea-tenders’- Christina & Lauren. With each tea tasting comes a wealth of knowledge…Learning about the tea’s origins, where it grows, how it is prepared, the health benefits associated, etc. All of the tea we have tasted has been hot tea, which has been perfect for these cold winter months; but as we turn a new leaf and very carefully enter springtime, Heidi and I were excited to try some of Lake Missoula Tea Company‘s Chilled Teas that they brew daily.

Please note that the menu for chilled tea changes each day, so make sure to call them at 926-1038 to hear what they are serving up today!


Now, when I first thought “Chilled Tea”- I thought of tea poured over ice with a lemon slice, and preferably a twisty straw. That’s not exactly what the folks at Lake Missoula Tea Company serve.. because what they do is a little more complex…Because after all, these are the tea experts and they are going to make sure every sip is curated with the best flavors, the most benefits, the full effect….

So how do they make these incredible chilled teas? Well, just as they would the hot tea…Just a tad bit stronger.

Here’s a little guide how you can make your own chilled tea at home!

IMG_3420 (1)

And guess what…ANY tea that you pick up from the Lake Missoula Tea Company will make a great chilled tea.

A few of the chilled teas we tried on a lovely May afternoon…

Yowza Cream Soda~ a delicious, creamy-tasting, tea made with the yuzu berry and safflower. This is a rooibos tea that has no caffeine and is high in vitamin C & antioxidants

Apricot Green~ I LOVED this one…It was very light and refreshing. It is a Chinese green tea made with apples, apricots, marigolds & very high in Vitamin C.

Coming Up Roses~ This was a great tea to enjoy after an afternoon hike. It was sweet with a very pleasant combination of flavors. Rama basil, cinnamon, ginger, lavender, chamomile, peppercorn, lemon verbena are some of the flavors you might taste. It’s great for general health, vitamin C, and is generally a very “calming” blend.

SO needless to say, I was really excited to create my own chilled tea on a hot afternoon. I used one of my favorite Lake Missoula Tea Company teas, Green Tango, it is a delicious organic Chinese green tea with mangoes, marigold flowers and a citron flower. I came up with one of my best ideas to date…using FROZEN BERRIES  as an ice-cube substitute. I highly recommend for an extra flavor bit 🙂 


Stop by Lake Missoula Tea Company at 136 E. Broadway and see what delicious chilled teas they have available for today!

Open Monday-Saturday 9a-6p (Open until 9pm on Fridays)

Sunday 10a-5p

visit them online at

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