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February is MATCHA month!

In September of 2014, I decided was I going to give up coffee. I never seemed to finish a cup, I couldn’t drink it without a pound of sugar, and no matter what- I always had the afternoon crash…So that’s what I did, I just stopped. However, there was something I was missing…the morning ritual on those cold mornings, sipping a hot beverage in my favorite mug, having something to sip on in between talking on the radio…So after a few months of kicking the caffeine habit, I decided to re-introduce tea into my life.


I remember my mom always drinking tea in her Woody Woodpecker cup..English Breakfast tea with a splash of skim milk. It always had a comfortable essence and the variety of flavors, smells, colors and affects are what always intrigued me.

Now, let’s get one thing straight. I am an absolute tea-drinking novice. I still buy the boxed tea- often based off the picture displayed on the box or the flavors mixed in…It takes me about 8 hours to finish a cup and I almost always have no idea how long to let the tea bags steep… But nonetheless, it is one of my favorite rituals, both in the morning and at night.

SO- after the last 2 years of drinking my boxed & bagged tea, I was more than excited that we were able to work out a new partnership with the Lake Missoula Tea Company. Each month, the Lake Missoula Tea Company will feature tea from a different region and we will discuss how it to be prepared, the history of the tea, the effects of the tea, and how you can get the full experience at the LMTC.


February is all about the Japanese Green Teas & the popularity of Matcha

One thing I was surprised to learn is that all tea comes from the same plant, camellia sinensis. Yeah. I couldn’t believe it. The difference is the way the tea is prepared & manufactured.


Matcha is different because unlike steeped loose-leaf tea we are used to, Matcha is actually the powdered form of the leaf…And because of this, the health benefits are extraordinary. Tons of antioxidants, is rich in fiber & caffeine, and actually calms your mind & body while still giving you  that “boost” we all love.

The Mammoth Matcha carried at the Lake Missoula Tea Company all comes from a family in Central Japan that has been making tea since the 40s. Lake Missoula Tea Company buys directly from the farmers. They pick global so you can drink local! (and ps, you can bake with Matcha too!! )

One thing I loved about my Matcha tasting was learning about the entire EXPERIENCE of Matcha and watching how to properly prepare it. (and yes, you can pick up your own bag of Matcha + accessories at the Lake Missoula Tea Company!)


-Matcha is brewed at 185 degrees

-5 grams of Matcha = 2 cups of stea

-Matcha is whisked together using a small whisk

-Matcha is enjoyed straight from the bowl

So next time you are downtown, stop by the Lake Missoula Tea Company and ask for the full Matcha experience!  A cup of matcha ranges from $2.50-$4… Heather, Jake & Christina are extremely helpful and knowledgeable tea-tenders that can help answer any of your questions about Japanese Green Teas, matchas, or any tea in general!


Lake Missoula Tea Company-

136 E. Broadway, Missoula

Mon – Sat 10 – 6 p.m. (Fri. open til 9p.m.) Sun 12 – 5 p.m.

If their sandwich board is out,  they are OPEN!


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