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Heart and Soul of MisSOULa

To artists creating and working in Western Montana, you’ve experienced that creative vibe, witnessed the support of the arts community and enjoyed the free spirited ambiance of Missoula. We thank you for sharing your creativity with us all!

Missoula boasts a love of community like no other place. In that spirit join Repertoire Art & Designs for their one year anniversary as they host a special show that celebrates the Missoula art community. The group exhibit is “Heart & SOUL of MisSOULa” You will love the mix of artists, mediums, and styles inspired by all things Missoula.  Wall hangings invite a look into the past and future. Photography inspires us from reality to abstraction. Mixed media excites our senses, and paintings celebrate our waterways, lifestyles and imaginations. You don’t want to miss this once a year exhibit. Stop by the gallery at 113 west Broadway(right by the mural) all through the month of September to vote on your favorite piece and be entered to win a $100 gift certificate to Repertoire Art & Designs.


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