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Trail Newsletter

The Trail 103.3 prides itself on being a community radio station.

But what exactly does that mean?

It means that, yes, we are excited to broadcast a unique, hand-curated playlist of tracks and artists that Missoulians really love.


But more than that, it means that we like to play an active role in supporting the western Montana lifestyle.

Whether it’s supporting local businesses, plugging our favorite nonprofits or sponsoring great events that provide fun ways for our listeners to interact with one another, we do our best to make the Trail a platform for engaging the community well beyond the radio dial.

This year, the Trail 103.3 is excited to open up a new line of communication so that you’re always up on what’s happening next. It’s a simple, clutter-free electronic newsletter that compiles all our announcements and happenings in once place.

From concert announcements and ticket giveaways to our new monthly “Trail Movie Night” functions at the Roxy, the Trail 103.3 e-newsletter will be just one more way you can stay connected with us and the Missoula community.

Sign up today so you don’t miss a beat – and we promise we won’t flood you with spam, nor will we EVER share or sell your information to another party.

And, as always, thanks for keeping it on the Trail – your locally-owned, locally-operated community radio station!

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