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Wanna go see Dave Chappelle?

Yesterday, we received some exciting news that comedian Dave Chappelle will be making his way to Missoula on June 16th… for TWO shows! Known for his controversial Comedy Central series “Chappelle’s Show”, Comedy Central ranks him at #43 in the “100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time.”

Despite his show becoming wildly popular, Chappelle left the spotlight in 2005 and walked away from his multi-million dollar contract….Spending more time with his family in Yellow Springs, Ohio..(we feel ya there, Dave!)

For his first time every, we’re excited to welcome Dave Chappelle to the Dennison Theater on June 16th for a 7pm & 9:30 show. Tickets are available at all GrizTix locations and online at!

The Trail 103.3 is giving our listeners a chance to score tickets…Tune in to the Trail on Thursday, May 21 & Friday, May 22 at 10am to win.

This event is for mature audiences only (!). No phone use, photo, or video will be allowed during the performance.

One of my favorite Dave Chappelle sketches features the one and only John Mayer (a Montanan resident! Will he be there? I hope so!)

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