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A Taste of Colombian Tea!

Upon my return from maternity leave, I was SO excited to once again start up the monthly tea tastings with the Lake Missoula Tea Company– a local tea company located in downtown Missoula.  


When we started our partnership with them months ago, we learned about a very special relationship that LMTC has cultivated with the only tea farm in Colombia. As we all know, coffee is king in Colombia…but with Colombia’s mile high elevation, rapidly changing weather and naturally rich soil- the Llano family started growing tea on their land 55 years ago. This tea farm is very important to the community as it provides a foundation that gives back to education and the nature that surrounds them.

Three representatives from the farm will be in Missoula for a very special tea-tasting & presentation event on October 5. This is also very exciting because the Lake Missoula Tea Company will also be celebrating their 5th birthday!

Join us Thursday, October 5th from 7-9pm at the Public House (next door to Lake Missoula Tea Company)


Event details and more information can be found HERE

The first tea we tried was Cacao Kisses– a mult-layered tea full of flavor. If you think of cacao while drinking it, you will probably be able to taste it. This tea is high in antioxidants and is a perfect tea for an afternoon pick-me-up. 


Next we tried Sweet Colombian Black Tea. Unlike many other black teas I have tried, this Sweet Colombian Black Tea is silky, smooth, and sweet. It’s variety of flavors lift the dryness that I was used to. Its a solid black tea and is served at a variety of establishments all around Missoula!

And finally we tried my favorite, the Andean Princess Black Tea. I loved this one and actually drink it pretty regularly here at the station! It’s a delicious, sweet blend with Isaebella grape skin and Andean raspberry. It has a great citrus and naturally sweet taste. Very high in antiocidants and vitamin C. This is also a great cold-brewed tea as well! Here’s how to prepare it cold.

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