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Roots Fest art show line-up

Live music undoubtedly enjoys the greatest spotlight at the annual River City Roots Festival.

But anyone who ever spends time downtown during the massive two-day event can attest to the prominence of the arts and crafts show.

With several aisles of booths lining both sides of Main Street, you don’t have to be a collector to have a great time browsing the various styles and formats on display. Heck, you don’t really even have to know much about art at all!

This year more than two dozen different local and regional artists will be featured at the juried art show. And we’re not just talking about the traditional fine arts like paintings, pottery and photographer (though there will be plenty of that.) Organizers this year have expanded the show to include more alternative means of visual expression: fused glass, metal arts, wood instruments and even “wearables”!

This year also marks the return of Missoula’s own The Clay Studio with an opportunity to create your own clay pottery!

The art show runs 11am to 7pm Friday and Saturday on the 100 block of West Main Street in downtown Missoula.

Here’s the list of participants:

• Cathryn & Keith Basset (jewelry) • Levi Hinton & Danica Bayliss (metal art, jewelry) • Adam Birely (landscape photography) • Christi Lee Borowy (jewelry) • Victor Brozovich (photography) • Heather Campbell (textiles, handbags) • Linda Cohen (mixed media, method art) • Dianne Courage (jewelry) • Lisa Ernst (pottery) • Carol Fah (textile sculpture) • MEgan Haney (jewelry, method art) • Andrew Holman (fine art ceramics) • Holly Jeremiassen (upcycled glass) • Erin Johnson (textiles, wearables) • Ivette Kjelsrud (painting) • Allen KnowsHisGun (oil/acrylic painting) • Bohni Majors (henna body art) • Keira Masters (jewelry) • Jeremy McFarlane (pottery) • Hanna McGehee (ceramics and sculpture) • Rowan Nyman (photography) • The Clay Studio (ceramics) • Eric Reese (photography) • Gregory Richardson (homemade furniture) • Damien Settelen (butterfly jewelry) • Jessie Smith (illustration, jewelry) • Lee Walker (acrylic painting) • Amber Whitenburg (book/printmaking, jewelry)

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